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Exercises to Avoid After Orthopaedic Surgery

Your body has different bones and joints that allow your bodily functions. The health of your bones and joints is incredibly imperative to process daily physical activities like walking, running, etc and if your joints are not in good health then you can struggle in the movement of your body. Therefore, it is imperative to take care in order to avoid any injury which can cause long-term damage.

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Now, it is essential to understand orthopaedics and how it can help you with any musculoskeletal injuries. According to the best orthopaedic doctors in South Delhi, you should exercise regularly to prevent any injuries. Generally, it is observed that most of the time people overlook exercise and catch muscle problems which can lead to severe arthritis. You should be careful about it, however, you can reach out to orthopaedic surgery in South Delhi for some reliable treatments. The following are some basic exercises advised by the best orthopaedic surgeons in South Delhi to prevent any injuries -

  • Running

Running is a high-impact, repetitive exercise that carries a high risk of injury and further damage to the surgery area. Due to its high impact forces, a slight problem will greatly increase the risk of pain and injury.

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  • Cycling

Although cycling is a low-impact exercise that is safe and gentle on the knee joints, you should still avoid it after orthopaedic surgery. Cycling is an aerobic exercise that raises blood pressure, possibly causing bleeding of the wounds again.

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  • Weight lifting

Although the temptation to lift weights is ongoing, it is to be avoided after orthopaedic surgery due to the stress and strain it can cause not only to the intended muscle groups but also to the surrounding ones.

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  • Aerobics

Aerobic exercises will raise the blood pressure and that will cause bleeding of the wounds. They also involve repetitive motions and that will increase strain on the surrounding muscles and tissues, causing discomfort and pain.

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  • Swimming

Swimming should be avoided after surgery until the wound and incisions have healed. The wound can be infected if it comes into contact with water and swimming pool water is full of chlorine which will irritate the wound as well.

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As you comprehend, orthopaedic surgery can be extremely critical and you should be careful post-surgery. You should follow all the precautionary measures advised by your doctor and not practice any of the above-mentioned exercises as it can lead to severe damage.


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