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Arthroscopy ACL Reconstruction

in South Delhi

As you know, orthopaedics is a branch of medical science that covers all the musculoskeletal conditions and arthroscopic ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) reconstruction deals with treating the problems related to your torn ACL. According to various proficient orthopaedic doctors in South Delhi, 45% of your ACL injuries are because of sports and if not addressed correctly, they can cause long-term damage to your ligaments and bones.

Dr Apoorv Dua who is a renowned orthopaedic surgeon in South Delhi has a minimally-invasive approach to minister your arthroscopy ACL reconstruction. Basically, arthroscopy is a surgical procedure where a special camera and surgical tools are inserted into the knee through small holes. Arthroscopic ACL surgery is commonly referred to as “keyhole surgery”. The big advantage is that the surgeon can assess the joint and repair any injuries without needing to fully open the joint. This speeds up recovery due to less trauma to the knee. You cannot disregard the best arthroscopy surgeons in South Delhi.

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                   Causes and grades of ACL injury

According to Dr. Apoorv Dua, most of the time when people get an ACL injury it is because of wrong sudden movement or inadequate force applied to the muscles which can tear your ligaments. Also, analysis and studies in orthopaedics in South Delhi have shown that some of the common mistakes like twisting knees, pivoting, landing in the wrong direction and extra force applied to muscles can lead to ACL injury. There are basically three grades in ACL injury which are -

  • Grade 1: The ligament is overstretched and less than 10% of the fibres are torn. Should heal naturally in a few weeks

  • Grade 2: More of the fibres are torn but the ligament is still intact. May heal with a rehab programme or may require arthroscopic ACL surgery

  • Grade 3: The ligament is completely ruptured i.e. torn in two. Usually requires arthroscopic knee surgery

How the surgery is carried out?

Under the supervision of Dr. Apoorv Dua and his expertise in orthopaedics, you can experience a minimally-invasive surgery wherein 2-3 small incisions will be made at the side of the knee to insert the arthroscope which is a small camera and a surgical tool to carefully examine and determine the internal damage. After that special tools are inserted through the other hole and used to reconstruct, remove and replace any damaged tissue. The reconstructed ACL is fixed using implants. The joint is then washed out with sterile fluid and closed. Also, you can find the best arthroscopic surgeon in South Delhi.


Ques: What is arthroscopic ACL surgery?

Ans: Arthroscopic ACL surgery is done using a small camera with key sized holes in knee to repair or reconstruct Anterior Cruciate Ligament.


Ques: When to see an arthroscopy surgeon?

Ans: You should immediately consult your doctor if you experience any injury symptoms. Dr Apoorv Dua is the best renowned orthopaedic surgeon in South Delhi.


Ques: When can I resume my daily work?

Ans: Arthroscopic ACL surgery is an outpatient process wherein you can resume your work on the same day by following all the medications and precautionary measures.

Ques: Is this surgery painful?

Ans: The minimally-invasive approach of Dr. Apoorv Dua makes the whole surgical procedure absolutely pain free.

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