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Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgery

in South Delhi

Orthopaedics is a significant branch of medical science that helps deal with musculoskeletal system conditions. Shoulder arthroscopy comes under various orthopaedics surgeries wherein a tiny camera called an arthroscope is used to diagnose and examine the tissues inside or around your shoulder joint. Recently, the poor lifestyle routine of people and poor eating habits has increased the search for the best orthopaedic doctor in South Delhi.

Dr. Apoorv Dua who is renowned for his great expertise in orthopaedics and is also one the best orthopaedic surgeon in South Delhi practises an outpatient shoulder arthroscopy which means that the patient can return back home on the same day. However, full recovery requires following all the precautionary measures and medications recommended by the doctor including exercise and physical therapy.


When do you need shoulder arthroscopy??

When it comes to shoulder arthroscopy then it is the second most common surgery in orthopaedics after knee arthroscopy. According to various orthopaedics analyses in South Delhi, it helps the doctor to diagnose and carefully examine the problems related to shoulder pain and soreness.  Dr. Apoorv Dua recommends a few nonsurgical methods, initially such as medications, injections and physical therapy, when proven ineffective then a shoulder arthroscopy is performed.


What is the outcome of shoulder arthroscopy?

 After determining the cause of your shoulder condition the surgeon uses nerve blocks which is injected around the neck or shoulder to numb the surgical area, it is like anaesthesia. Although surgeries can be painful, Dr. Apoorv is recognised for his minimally-invasive approach and carries out the whole procedure to your desired results. The whole surgery is outpatient, therefore, you will be discharged on the same day. You’ll need to recover for an hour or two at the hospital after surgery. Your providers will offer pain medication if needed. Lastly, pain during recovery is a natural part of healing. Talk with your healthcare providers about your concerns. They can advise you on how to manage pain as your body heals. You can find some best arthroscopy surgeons in South Delhi as well.


Ques: When can you go back home after surgery?

Ans: You can return back home and resume your daily routine on the same day and simultaneously follow the recovery tips given by your doctor.


Ques: Is shoulder arthroscopy painful?

Ans: The minimally-invasive approach of Dr. Apoorv Dua makes the whole surgery pain-free. However, you may experience tingling pain during your recovery period.


Ques: When should you meet your doctor?

Ans: After the completion of your surgery, you should go for regular checkups or if you face any symptoms like fever, fluids around the surgical area, swelling etc.

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